Packing notes for when I thought I was moving to a monastery

1) Treat the things that I have as inventory for a business.  Everything gets tagged and accounted for.

2) Limit the number of boxes to store immediate things as a maximum of 8 boxes.

3) Be ruthless.  Keep ony books that are reference or use on a week to week basis.

4) Save _only_ clothes that I wear _all_ of the time.  Do the same for summer stuff.  Keep only Tshirts, and or wear socks that are in good shape.

5) Only one box for pictures

6) Identify categories of interest
a) religious b) Russian language learning c) cooking/computer
7) Only 1 box for other nostalgia items8) Loose papers – 3 hole punch into binders of specific categories9) Magazines – throw out, only tearing out pages of interest10) bedding, clock, etc.
Removeable stickersPick up large strong garbage bags.Act as if you are moving out tonight.Don’t forget dresser top and shelves.Label each box so that things can be tossed in.Have box for misc papers.Clear bag for uncertain stuff.
“if I needed to find this, where would I look?” Key to filing.

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