owing if you’ll be picked …

Oh, absolutely Scott – you have to believe in yourself ’cause it’s hard to find anybody else to believe in you :-) Just kidding – but you’re right – being logical and confident are so important. When I speak of believing in something greater – it doesn’t mean letting go completely and letting the Force or whatever gods you believe in take control – rather, it’s this: every once in a whlie, exper…ience the silence beneath all things. Know who you have chosen for your god – be aware of it, or else it will control you and you won’t even realize it. If you know that love of money is A #1 in your book, for example, then you can walk confidently knowing the direction that works for you. It’s all tied in to self-confidence and humility – two sides of a coin. Without both, you’re just a coin rolling down the street, not knowing if you’ll be picked … “

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