(INFP, either _enigma_ or _oversharing_. I’m an SJW apparently, major foci: encourage creativity and do not destroy it, encourage autonomy in kids/teens/young people.

A product of ‘internet is where the real me lives” for 34 years so far (_good ending_(so far))

Established “children’s rights list” at 18 online – a few political rights groups and a big anarchist-parenting movement spawned that still exist from people that met on my group (and i helped them form their own groups (kicked them out nicely)) (refs on request)

Ken’s Server (Minecraft) reflected that; i did everything i could to disappear and _allow-things-to-be_, only jumping in when needed for bullying/stalking events (rare)

So as most of you graduated now (_congratulations!_) and i was in the same facility going WOO i wanted to do a quick overshare moment

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