over again. Either/Or con…

Steve Rose

July 19, 2014 :
“Yes – the race condition! Good. I was hoping that would get mentioned. There is a problem of the common misunderstanding of binary logic.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_excluded_middle the law of Excluded middle. I run into it in forums over and over again. Either/Or conditions. “Either you must supply evidence, or your argument is invalid”. Either/or, if/then, Conditional thinking.
Very very smart thinkers with lots of facts under their belt suffer from this basic flaw of thinking.
Race conditions have an interesting property that you mentioned: They don’t happen in a single flip/flop.
And of course, a computer isn’t a single flip/flop. It’s Clocked or Stepped; but ether way, there’s *something* moving things along over Time.
For example, I’d love a better understanding of NOR gates. I know you can build any logic strictly from NOR (as well as NAND) but the nor fascinates me more because I believe it might be closest to how human decision making takes place.”

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