Over 300 active BBS’ online – probably more but 300 for sure.

lol I’m not going to use any of it tongue emoticon yeah the pyroto mountain system is strange – it kicked you off after registering + tells you to wait an hour but really, you can login again and start it.

A friend who begged me ALL through the 90s to bring Pyroto Mountain back (I found a reference in a different BBS I was running in 1997 where he asked me) – got me to do it. I mean, I promised him I would… 18 years ago.

Anyway, he spent a few hours on it having a good time. I got to be a Timelord tongue emoticon

I may end up using NETFOSS and doing a ‘real’ system – one that’s at usable speeds but I love that at least, in concept – it’s *possible* to go ALL THE WAY back in time to 1990 with no problem. [I might even shoot for a CP/M BBS… although I never learned CP/M) – just to go further back.
 Two weeks ago, I figured out how to toss a full-feed WordPress into NNTP and then did my Facebook.. so I could use ALPINE to read my email and see all my notifications in a retro style. [used it for a few days, got bored, but proof of concept is all I wanted]

Thanks man smile emoticon There’s still C64 BBS’ online – and I found a BBS list for July 15 and there’s over 300 online on that list that are working, with about 2 dozen new ones. There’s so much available in abandonware – I got Microsoft Bob last week and FINALLY saw it for myself.

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