Outsiders have been doing most of the burning and property damages.

Not sure what “your” is.
Outsiders have been doing most of the burning and property damages.

From the starting point to Nashville and other places…
https://www.tennessean.com/…/nashville…/5300173002/ this is what you’re seeing over and over again.

They’re not destroying “their” communities. Outsiders are doing most of the conspicuous damages ,particularly the firebombing, some of whom believe they’re starting a “race war”.

So, right NOW the “agent proveceurs” are being found and taken away because THEY are escalating things, not the communities themselves, who are protesting.

Police are also doing a lot of escalating by doing the “doubling down” with the “tough on crime” with the mace and the batons and the rubber bullets and the tear gas and kneeling on necks… which which is why they’re protesting.

So, it’s not just a few asshole cops. It’s asshole cops being protected by their own department, by their state government and ultimately by the US federal government. And us.

If we listened to Colin Kaepernick in 2016, we wouldn’t be here today.
Ultimately, property damage does not equate to a man’s life which was taken by authority figures given too much power over life and death without recourse. Too much immunity from prosecution.

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