Outraged at the snowflake? I don’t believe it.

The viral video that sparked the whole thing was a plant – a parody of what he considered, “typical Christian” response to things, as Starbucks never had Christian symbols on any of their cups. You can tell by the last bit where he says, “Oh, and I also brought my gun”.

I’m agnostic myself but I’ve noticed over the past year or so, more and more people pretending to be “outraged Christian” saying ridiculous things, making videos or starting viral trends or showing up in news stories, than actual Christians…. and it’s getting eaten up. Even people who consider themselves Christian distance themselves from the people who are pretending to be the worst-kind-of-Christian … and I find the whole thing to be a very strange social phenomenon… especially the ‘fake outraged’. I think perhaps it’s because there ARE some ridiculous people mixing their brand of Christianity and politics together that make Christianity and, indeed, all religions (or what is more and more referred to as “theism”) a target. All very strange stuff to me.

I stay on the hunt for what I consider “reasonable people”, whatever their religion or ideology happens to be. I sometimes have to dig, but it’s out there. It’s not in the memes and news though. In those places, everything is polarized.

Even when it’s NOT polarized, you’ll invariably have SOMEBODY that you can point to and say, “AT LEAST I’M NOT LIKE THAT”….

…and sometimes… there *is* nobody out there ‘like that’.

Outraged at the snowflake? I don’t believe it.

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