Realists like to think they see things the way they really are. But it’s important to remember that everyone sees the world differently. You might tend to keep a level head, and don’t excite easily, but this can leave you susceptible to bouts of gloominess. If you feel yourself moving towards negative emotions, try looking to other people for fresh perspectives.
Thoughtful people have a very giving and sympathetic character and are genuinely interested in and concerned about others. However, they can sometimes lack the persistence to follow through with their positive intentions. Luckily, you’re very adept at inspiring good feelings and actions in others who can help carry you along too.
You may feel a bit conflicted when you’ve been wronged. On the one hand it can affect you deeply, but on the other you can be scared of saying something about it for fear of upsetting other people. The result is that you might direct your emotions inwards, which can be unhealthy. You can’t always be the nice guy.
Direct people can find it hard to resist their urges and impulses. In fact, when they really want something it’s hard for them to keep their desire in check. If you find it all too easy to sacrifice your long-term goals for instant gratification, or wake up with a major headache the next morning, this might be an aspect of your life that would benefit from a bit more concentration.
Your real interests lie in creative activities. You can seem like quite a private person, but you’re equally comfortable pursuing your interests with a group of like-minded people or by yourself. People who share this characteristic like a challenge they can get their teeth into and really focus on without any distractions.
People with this characteristic tend to be modest and self-effacing. They enjoy their privacy and their own company, but are also sympathetic to the needs of others. In fact, sometimes they can be too trusting of people. If you recognise this trait in yourself, it’s important to have someone you’re sure you can trust looking out for you.
Laid back
Laid back people don’t worry too much about big plans and goals. They’re much more likely to keep a fairly clean slate so they’re able to respond to those sudden important jobs that always seem to crop up. You might sometimes lack the motivation to take charge or avoid coming up with new ideas, but you know deep down that putting in the effort will benefit you in the long run.
People with progressive attitudes tend to have a great deal of faith in human nature and believe in education, co-operation and free thinking as ways to help develop society. They are willing to try new ideas and solutions and take a thoughtful approach to issues. It sounds like you tend to be seen as the voice of reason in most situations.
Dreamers get very excited by the prospect of new ideas and ways of seeing the world, but they tend to lose their way in theoretical possibilities and flights of fancy. If this sounds like you, you might be seen as a fantastic starter but not so great finisher. But, no one can fault your enthusiasm and ability to thrive in the uncertainty of the new. Force yourself to be a bit more organised and you’ll blow people away.
Sensitive people are extremely aware of potential dangers and problems around them – perhaps a little too aware sometimes. In fact, they tend to purposefully imagine worst-case scenarios. If you recognise this trait in yourself, rather than let yourself be overcome by fear use these theoretical situations to stimulate yourself to come up with imaginative solutions.

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