I. Introduction
A. ASMR and voice experiments
1. “I’ve been told I have a good voice for ASMR.”

II. The Loss of Self-Confidence
A. Confidence in childhood
1. “When we’re young, often we have loads of self-confidence.”
B. The impact of school and other factors
1. “I imagine it’s tied up with school.”
C. The role of family and peers
1. “These other people, of course, include family, so those messages stay with you for a lifetime.”

III. The Struggle with Stuttering (Call to Adventure)
A. Personal anecdote of stuttering
1. “Yet, let’s say you have a stutter.”
B. Fixing the stutter (Meeting with the Mentor)
1. “So in third grade, I had it fixed.”

IV. The Gap Between Thoughts and Output
A. Emotional experiences
1. “I can’t control them, good or bad; it doesn’t matter what they are.”

V. Building Self-Confidence Through Videos (Crossing the Threshold)
A. Creating Vines
1. “One of the good ways to start is making little videos.”
B. Facing negative comments (Trials and Challenges)
1. “But the occasional negative wasn’t even worth worrying about.”
C. Gaining confidence (Transformation)
1. “It took a few weeks, maybe 50, maybe a hundred 6.8 second periods of hearing myself.”

VI. Dealing with Haters (Approach)
A. Responding to negative comments
1. “And my game is: I will sometimes make a friend out of a hater.”
B. Deleting comments (Ordeal)
1. “And after a day, I delete their comments because they mess up my profile, they look ugly.”

VII. Cherishing Compliments (Reward)
A. Saving compliments
1. “Many times, I save them.”
B. Building self-confidence in others (Road Back)
1. “And if you help other people build their self-confidence, you find your own self-confidence rising.”

VIII. Conclusion
A. The power of self-confidence
1. “And the force you get from self-confidence is very powerful.”
B. Using past experiences to help others (Resurrection)
1. “When you’ve used your ancient hurt to fuel fixing other people and yourself in the process.”
C. Personal growth and surprise at the journey (Return with the Elixir)
1. “I’m surprised I talked for this long.”

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