Outline of infp openness/agreeableness

I. Political beliefs: A. Libertarianism: Emphasis on individual liberty and autonomy, supportive of social justice and equality. B. Authoritarianism: Emphasis on order and obedience to authority, not compatible with INFPs and Openness/Agreeableness personalities. C. Left-leaning: Emphasis on individual liberty and autonomy, social justice and equality, progressive stances on issues. D. Hybrid approach: Combines elements of both isolationism and globalism, open to cooperation and independence depending on situation.

II. Religious traditions: A. Buddhism: Emphasis on mindfulness and inner reflection. B. Taoism: Emphasis on balance and harmony in life. C. Sufism: Focuses on spiritual journey of individual. D. Mystical/esoteric: Kabbalah, Hermeticism, emphasis on social justice and equality in some branches of Christianity.

III. Music: A. Emotionally-driven and narrative: Folk, indie, alternative rock, experimental or avant-garde genres. B. Emotive and evocative: Classical, jazz, film scores. C. Spiritual or metaphysical: Psychedelic rock, progressive rock, neo-classical.

IV. Ethical concepts: A. Individual autonomy, equality, and justice: Human rights, social justice, moral relativism. B. Empathy and compassion: Care ethics, virtue ethics. C. Sustainability: Ecological ethics, ecofeminism.

V. Fear response: A. Introspection and withdrawal, sensitive and easily overwhelmed, retreat to safe space to process and understand fear. B. Expressing fear through creative or abstract ways: Writing, art, music. C. Reflective and introspective during times of fear.

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