Out of Context: The 1st Fully Cross-linked Thesaurus: 100,616 Words. What would happen if we took it ALL out of context?

“A concept is a theory of a category.”

August 2013, I did an experiment. I took the largest available English thesaurus, Mobysaurus, and cross-linked repeatedly to winnow the connections down as far as I could, to make it as general as possible without any overlap.

To my surprise, I ended up with 5 categories.

But: categories OF WHAT? What were the 5 concepts?

I sort of had a theory. Whole, Opposition, Mixed/Confused, Skip/Detailed and “whisp of a blush of what might never have been once”.

But I wasn’t certain. I’m still not. But after reading M. Ryan Massey’s words: “”A concept is a theory of a category”, which was supported by a lot of evidence first, it’s a relief.

I had categories without a theory. So, I couldn’t form concepts.

I simply had results from an experiment which revealed a pattern. Now at least I know I’m not nuts.

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