our thinking has barely left the riverside.

0+1=1. 1+1=2. 2+1=3…
Our thinking is limited by the #metaphor that we use. #numbers while useful are #buckets of equal amounts. #Quanta are buckets. #quantum #field #theory is the theory of a river that we draw bucket of water from. The water is #electrons or #protons – this is distinct from #wave which analogizes to waves in water, which we more readily associate these days with #sound as we can see sound waves easily and understand them quickly.

4000 years old. As advanced as we get, our boolean logic is buckets of empty and full, empty and full, full and empty. Zero is the fulcrum point.

#humans have gone far in many ways yet in many ways we haquanta-fieldven’t not advanced much beyond the buckets of water. This is a #shadoof – an ancient Egyptian water moving machine. An engine. Back and forth, empty and full, 0 and 1, flip and flip, on and off.

I’m not criticizing humanity per se but our thinking has barely left the riverside.


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