Our dependence upon the electromagnetic spectrum

^Our dependence upon the electromagnetic spectrum for measuring the very small (below Planck length) is things seem so weird strange and all "we just don't know for sure" down there. But it's like trying to catch an amoeba with a Whale harpoon. Our technology isn't sophisticated enough yet. But we KNOW smaller wave bundles exist that we can't fully measure yet, like tachyons – that we're JUST starting to figure out how to occasionally get with the whale harpoon. We'll get there. We only recently realized that the lowest limit of temperature (0 Kelvin) was an artificial wall – an assumption we held on to for a long time. But by making things really cold and "reversing the polarity" (negative to positive, positive to negative) for just a moment, we saw anti-gravity, possibly dark energy effects – all hiding in that "impossible" temperature where electrons stops moving.

There's a whole lot more to explore. We should never think we're at the pinnacle of possible human knowledge. We have a LONG WAY to go and lots amazing discoveries we can barely imagine yet.^

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