Otherwise, you’re just muddling up history.

You don’t have to agree.
I’m not a Christian. I’m not an Atheist.
I’m Agnostic.
But to me, an accurate view of history must necessarily give priority (although certainly NOT exclusivity) to interpretations of the era…

…or rather, our interpretations of the interpreters of the era, as close as we can get.

And THEN apply our modern slants to it.

In other words, in order.

If you believe the texts magically fell from the sky, across Time and Space and landed on your lap as if it was written today… then I might agree with you.

But I believe historical context matters.

Otherwise, you’re just muddling up history.

There’s plenty of propagandists on all sides of these things muddling it up already. I don’t care to join them.

I’m not a part of anybody’s ideological sports team.

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