Other Prez kept their heads higher. Trump’s went lower.

Other Prez kept their heads higher. Trump’s went lower. Some may think it doesn’t matter but in many places it does. It’s bowing, whether of ignorance or not, which changes political viewpoints considerably.


In that moment, and in the place he stood when they touched the orb, Trump was inadvertently declaring he’s subordinate to the Saudis. Interesting times ahead.

In a way I’m kind of glad for the faux pas. It certainly didn’t offend the Saudi’s: they win – and most Americans are clueless to symbolism I suspect. I just find “posturing” fascinating in different cultures and even when I don’t know the specifics of particular cultures, certain things are somewhat universal. Trump mastered a certain type of American neural linguistic speech pattern, popular in the 1980s, but its audiences are limited even in America to those swayed by salesmen. On the world stage well, they’ll be having lots of fun with his term.


Oh, it’s “say something, repeat it slightly differently, repeat it a third time, generalizing”, – standard pattern of 3, using particular keywords being swapped around.

It’s old-school power talking. Public speaking stuff but in every “How to make people think you’re a leader” $1 business books. He’s got the pattern mastered.


Studying marketing/advertising techniques (writing good ad copy) is a good thing to go through sometime, not just for your own use but also to be able to detect it when others are doing it.

I learned it a few times because i had to run businesses a few times, which isn’t my thing but it’s not hard, yet was fascinated by the psychology behind it all. Why is it that something seems familiar after 3 times, we can recognize it after 9 times (or 7? I forget), and recall it at will after 27 times? Blows my mind because as basic as these things are, they work and are used everywhere, along with emotional cues (project fear, or anger, or something violent or sexy, and you’ve just created a memory cue in someone’s head). Being about to spot it in writing or speeches is super beneficial as a bullshit detector, a skill they can’t teach in school because schools use them too


[wait – they *don’t* use them, which is why schools tend to be less effective. Had it backwards there.]



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