orthopop – Many things in popular culture which we are bombarded with can be “reframed

ort…@egroups.com is now open.  It is a discussion group
for finding that which is perhaps redeemable in popular culture.
(in music, movies, literature, etc).

It is not so much for debasing popular culture – worldiness is
worldliness, and ever creeps into aspects of our sojourns here
on earth – but rather, is more geared towards discussing that
which is good and right and true, even in a single lyric of
a song playing on a popular music station.

Many things in popular culture which we are bombarded with can
be “reframed” – that is, looked at in a way which does not
compromise our faith, but rather, shows that God most certainly
continues to work through secular individuals, even
without their realizing it.

An example might be a love song, which on the surface appears to
be a song of love between a man and a woman – but when reframed,
becomes a prayer of love between a member of the faithful and the
Church.  Of course, this is all potentialally *very* dangerous territory,
and one must tread carefully with regards to theology.

Some of us are, for the time being, trapped in situations where
secular music is playing, or where we are dragged to the movies,
or sitting somewhere where getting away from the TV, or in a
situation where news is being talked about.  Perhaps I am
what some people call, a “Pollyanna”, but outside of God
granting deafness, or blindness in these situations, one must
work with the materials at hand.

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