Originality usually isn’t.

t I thieve constantly then. Originality usually isn’t. Or maybe it’s all original I dunno. I protect my stuff as best I can. Intellectual property though… that’s where things get strange for me because it doesn’t usually make a whole lot of sense to me, this combining of “this idea” and “money” without a product. Then again, even the product… when it’s easily copied it’s hard for me to justify IP in that regard… I dunno.





Derivatives for example. A certain spongebob song got topical again and I noticed there was no MIDI for it on Youtube or anywhere. I don’t remember anymore *why* I wanted one of this song but I went ahead and lost an hour of my life poorly transposing it for piano so others could learn how to play it at least. [I still forgot my original purpose].

So, did I thieve? It could be a crime in some circles. [it is a crime in some circles]. Yet it’s derivative. So… I dunno. [ps – i hate actually MAKING something midi by hand. I like programs to do the heavy lifting for me.. not ‘click… move.. click.. move… click.. move.. BORING]



What’s POSSESSING anyway?
I mean really.

“It’s in my purview therefore it’s mine”
“Someone gave it to me so it’s mine”
“I gave this stuff and got that in exchange, so the “THAT”? is MINE”

Can’t talk about theft without first talking about nature of possession, no?


This post and the comments from 80% of the folks here makes me think of this song, subject to memes about six months ago… love this song. The lyrics are genius.



I almost miss these kinds of memes. I haven’t seen too many Trump memes since around Feb among the meme places I go but I guess the folks that were posting them went back to where they came from.



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