Origin of We are all made of Star Stuff – it *wasn’t* Carl Sagan?!

I love tracking down quotes.  I always gave credit to We are all made of stars to #CarlSagan  but I was wrong.  He copied it too and got the credit, just like #neildegrassetyson   #LawrenceKrauss   #Moby   – and that’s ok ’cause it’s a nice idea and I’ve found it very inspirational through the years.  I can’t find the sourcebefore Albert Durrant Watson, President of the Canadian Astronomical Society in 1918, but it’s nice to know where it comes from. It’s practically a religious belief as it has the same mystical qualities found within religions and acts as a modern substitute for many, including myself, so I like to give credit to the source.  Thanks Albert Watson :) starstuff


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