orchestra 90 cc

When I was 12, I got a stereo sound catridge for my Tandy Color Computer 2 called Orchestra 90-CC. This was 1984. Revolutionary to me. I could control 12 voices, Stereo, and every single BIT of the 8 bits, I had to _control_ to make any sounds come out of it.

It had a programming language. I learned it. I made music with it.

This recording is the “RIGHT SIDE ONLY”; I didn’t have the right cable to record the L+R at the same time, and the original is trapped on an audio tape which I don’t have the technology to retrieve the original data files from.

Nevertheless, it’s close enough, even with the missing side. Enjoy a song from the brain of 12 year old Kenneth Udut. I loved being able to create my own instruments too; one bit at a time; although people have it *way* better now, because you can easily record analog audio and digitize it; that wasn’t possible for 12 year old Kenneth Udut, nor was there ANY home technology in 1984 that could. So, I had to do what I could with what I had, which, at the time was damned awesome. smile emoticon

And if you have a sound-pattern ear, you can hear that I predated the modern note rise, the gap, and then the heavy DROP found in modern electronic music, pop music, Dubstep – by… oh 30 years. Me, Musical Prophet? Sure, why not

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