Optimism Digest 13-JUN-1993 [via sci.psychology]

Optimism Digest                                          13-JUN-1993

Optimism: A doctrine that this world is the best possible world.

Optimism, the power of positive thinking, belief in the magic inbedded
in every human.  It is a force that has been utilized by some of the
world’s greatest philosophers and prophets, from Jesus to Ghandi to Ben
Franklin to Norman Vincent Peale.  Proper utilization of prayer,
meditation, belief and faith DEPENDS on the inner strength, existing in
everyone, to overcome problems that can absolutely cripple the
pessimest… those negatively-focused by choice.

Every child born believes that the world is perfect as it stands, and
that imperfections can be overcome by simply BELIEVING and ACTING.
Nothing is impossible to the persistantly positive.  You always succeed
in achieving an outcome, whether it is one you wish or not, and even
those outcomes that aren’t necessarily desireable have tremendous
educational value.

The Optimism Digest is a forum to discuss personal beliefs, the writings
of Norman Vincent Peale and his ideas, the ideas presented in the Bible
by Jesus Christ, presented by Muhammad in the Koran, by the reactions of
Job (in the biblical texts of Judeism, Christianity and the Muslims) to
tremendous difficulties, and by anyone who seems to magically “beat the
odds” daily – you, me, and billions of other people all across the
world, all throughout history.

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