Only so many dogs and children to save before giving up altogether.

Part of the problem with a lot of the campaigning for alturism is they rely on guilt and shame and more than a bit of hyperbole in their marketing.

There’s a limit to exposure before it ceases to be effective.

When the “Arms of an Angel” commercial came out a few years ago, 12 seconds into it, I turned it off. I could feel my heartstrings being tugged. I started to feel guilty for a brown dog on my TV screen, and a slow motion kitten with sad looking eyes and a beautiful singing voice.

I got really really angry. Not for myself but for the whole process being used to elicit money from people via guilt and shame and privilege.

It’s the wrong way to go about it. It really is. People get jaded over time. It’s emotional manipulation when overapplied.

So, there’s been a strong backlash. I think the backlash is ridiculous myself: overblown and such… yet I can kind of see why it’s been happening.

There’s only so much guilt a person can try to absolve via these programs. Only so many dogs and children to save before giving up altogether.

What drives me now is an internal drive for betterment in the world – in the ways that I can help. In the ways I’m capable and good at.

I Just think that appeals for help should be careful in their campaigns because they can easily begin to pull from the same group of people, which may end up shrinking as the population gets jaded…

But anyway.. that’s my rant for the moment tongue emoticon



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