online bullying. when i see it, i try to help.

yeah, I ended up with a lot of followers on G+ and Vine that are kids + teens – probably 1/3 to a 1/2 out of 7000 on each are under 18. (Not bragging, just giving you scope). Anyway, I encourage creativity, follow your dreams, know how to be real, how to cope with life, stuff like that, as well as being a goofball idiot too but mostly just expressing myself. I don’t care who follows me, but it’s nice to be followed and I don’t judge people based on their age.

Anyway, when I see one of them struggling with online bullying, I work to stop it when it happens. Quickly but carefully. I befriend the bully and try to change their online behavior – just with regards to bullying – usually they just want a friend and don’t know HOW to properly make friends – and encourage the one who was on the defensive to take control of his/her profile … and sometimes I can get them to become friends.

Then I can step back. I do it out in the open, in public; I mean they’re THERE and following me so I’m like, “shit, I gotta do _something_ to help”

Of course they could continue bullying in private, but the majority of cases are just lonely kids who want to be noticed. They don’t get noticed for talent, so they get noticed by being mean. I try to encourage them to be talented and make friends online. After all, why bother being here if you’re not making friends?

I have to ignore their private msgs though. Some get mad or disappointed, but dang I’m 43 and got other stuff to do.

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