online bullying; fix it where you find it.

Yeah, and kids (3rd grade seems to be where it starts) are excellent at finding the hurtful names – and they have a strong ‘stickiness’, much like the first time a boy is called “fag” it can take decades for some people to shake it off. I was lucky as I recited “sticks and stones may break my bones” every day after school in the 3rd grade.

I knew it was a lie even then, but it saw its power. By 4th grade, names didn’t hurt me as much. I felt the sting but I had something to bounce it off of. I just would say, “Yes, yes I am” to whatever they said.

On Vine and G+ (I have 6000+ on each) I end up with about 1/3-1/2 kid followers (I like creativity so I Like/+1 because I know how easily enthusiasm for creativity can get shredded with a single word).

So, in that role of “ancient Internet geek dad/father/uncle/grandpa” I occasionally give tips on coping with online bullying, things that worked for me through the decades… while also sharing my weird/goofy side (which is what got me them as followers in the first place).

Real Life 3D bullying though, that’s a tougher matter.

School can turn a good person into an asshole very easily; and the urge to smash it to bits and rebuild it has never left me, but I do what I can

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