One of the wonderful things about

^One of the wonderful things about Facebook is this; we can do things when we FEEL like it. We don't have to be in the same physical location. We don't even have to synchronize our times. Time doesn't matter here. In regular life, time, getting physically in the same place – those things are important.

But there's a great power in being able to do things when we *feel* like it, knowing that someone else will read/respond when THEY feel like it.

We take it for granted. But think what you DON'T have to do here: You don't have to BE HERE when your friend is here. You don't have to be on at the same time. it's sort of the same PLACE as its on Facebook in this case, but the place is not a single geographical spot but it is spread evenly around the world.

That's why the popularity of VCR then DVR and now Netflix: We don't have to move OUR personal schedules around to fit the needs of a TV schedule.

We take it so for granted.

But the alternative is, well, much more of a pain.^

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