One of the great things about

^One of the great things about the Internet for the Introverted is that you are not judged so much by your mannerisms, or how you talk, but rather, how you type – how do you express yourself in the written word.

But it seems to take a very interesting personality type to enter into video chat for you see, most of us ARE introverted people, at least somewhat. (that means that we need at least a little "alone time" each day to recharge batteries after dealing with lots of people – extroverts can't get enough)

So here, you get a culture that is primarily Introverts. Then, use a service that most people don't know or care about (Google+). THEN be technically minded enough to set up a webcam and figure out how to use Hangouts.

FINALLY: introverts who WANT to talk face to face, rather than being shielded by a less judgemental forms of communication – writing – cuts down the percentages of users even furthur.

Yet – it works! And people communicate. All I can figure is this: perhaps BECAUSE it is primarily semi-technically minded introverts who are using the service – it starts off that we all have something in common right off the get-go. A visual nerd-gathering? Geektopia? Call it what you will, but the whole thing of it is interesting to me – very average looking people with messy computer rooms, about equal parts male and female, average age seems to be between 25-60 – mostly from Brazil, the Middle East, China and India, which bits and pieces of USA, Canada and Europe and Russia all wanting to chit-chat face to face in small groups. I'm sure there is a psychological personality study in the user demographics just waiting to be written up. And I'd be the first to read it.^

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