One of the easiest types of people to fool is the intellectual. Music, mood, images, logic. They’re so busy thinking logically that they miss the emotional manipulations. It’s a film technique.

Ok. Sounds like a documentary. I don’t do documentaries anymore. They put together a limited set of evidence that seems quite logical at first, then it “jumps the shark” and if you’re not watching the shift carefully, suddenly your thinking how they’d like you to think and at the end, you’re almost required to agree completely with what they say.

I went to a school with a heavy film dept. Hampshire College, Amherst MA. I didn’t finish the school nor did I go to filmmaking.

However, my friends were taking classes. One of the easiest types of people to fool is the intellectual. Music, mood, images, logic. They’re so busy thinking logically that they miss the emotional manipulations. It’s a film technique.


tbh, I don’t get involved much in politics this early in the process. I _should_ but my idealism has given way to skepticism too much to involve myself in promoting or convincing or mudslinging campaigning with people.

I wait until the primaries are over. Then I start really thinking about it.

When I close the curtain, I decide then.


Oh I agree. The guy says everything I want to hear and I believe he believes it and logically, I should be campaigning with signs and convincing people.

Thing is, I know what the prez can do and what the prez can’t do… and I know what happens to revolutionary programs once the president that follows HIM comes in: they’ll dismantle a lot of it to make THEIR marks.

At the same time, a lot of great stuff (and bad stuff) will stay around.

I guess I’ve spent so many years having NOBODY that represents “me” up there… when I finally “got one”, my idealism is too worn thin for me to actively participate.

That being said, that means people like YOU _HAVE TO_ keep doing what you’re doing. I can’t do it. Call it hypocrasy or laziness as you like, but the point is: you’re wasting your time with me.

Put the energies towards promoting him towards victory with people who will join you. I can’t. If I put my heart into it, I’ll be broken hearted and give up voting. I like voting. I don’t have the stamina either for the enthusiasm of hope or the potential for defeat.

That’s me though. But it’s more than likely you have a supporter in me, so I’d suggest shifting energies to others who you _can_ budge into joining you in the rallying.


That’s precisely why I can’t campaign for him. I vote in almost every election cycle. I believe in being a good citizen and voting. Not for everybody but for myself.

But putting all my eggs in would kill that and considering the importance of voting on local elections (where they *do* make the biggest differences), my ‘not voting’ _will_ make a local impact that _could_ be felt directly.


There’s a very real chance that if Sanders loses, Trump will win because of the exiting of the Sander’s supporters en masse from the voting pool, leaving Clinton with very little and Trump with everybody else.


Agreed. I’m starting to realize that part of the message that *I* have to bring out in this campaign process is to Sander’s supporters to not spent too much time debating me or trying to demonize Clinton but rather fight FOR his campaign, because:

a) debating with me is a waste of time/energy because I already agree in principle.

b) The greater need is to get more Sander’s supporters rather than trying to take away from Clinton’s camp.

What happens I’ve noticed is an echo chamber effect. “Clinton sucks!” “Yeah, she sucks!” “Here’s all the ways she sucks: “.

The thing is: those words and arguments can EQUALLY be used by Trump supporters, Cruz supporters, any other supporters.

But what’s unique about Sanders? THAT’S where the efforts need to be imo.


Of course. That’s politics. She’s been in it a long time and knows the game very very well. It’s actually one of her strengths: It’s one of the things that got her the black vote in SC. The black vote in SC was primarily made up of black women who likely know that you have to play dirty and fight dirty to win in a man’s world and I think that appeals to them. She does represent them so to me their vote for her is very logical and rational for them.



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