One of my favorite times was when I was leaving.

 I worked for a Pharmaceutical company once upon a time (Schering-Plough, no longer exists – merged with Merck long ago) – and yeah, they did lots of profiling and worked with some of that stuff on occasion, although I was in “business information” which was a cousin to the Marketing dept but distinct (it was an experimental group).
One of my favorite times was when I was leaving.
Also, while I was leaving, somebody who always disliked me at the job and I never knew why, was suddenly very happy.
Also, he stopped me from across the hall and yelled, “I know what kind of cigarettes you smoke by just a few questions.” (he used to work for Phillip Morris before the pharm).
“Ok, I’m up for it” I yelled back – and I smoked at the time so I was curious.
He asked me maybe 4 or 5 questions – not many questions at all.
And he said with full confidence: “You smoke MERIT!”
I laughed.
“I smoke light menthol cigarettes”
He laughed.
He said back, “You’re a middle aged black woman!”
[what he didn’t know: Merit _was_ my #1 brand of choice if I couldn’t find any light menthol cigarettes. I really liked Merit – had a chocolatey flavor to it – but I liked menthol better). I took what he said as a high complement ,regardless of his possible intent.
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