One. Maybe two. That’s out of 30-60 voting cycles in a lifetime.

Rule of thumb is: smart people stay home and don’t bother voting because they’re statistically insignificant.

People who get into politics, especially the fans, are a bunch of idiots.

Lowering it to 16 just gives people one extra vote in their lives.

But lowering it to 16 means there’s a chance that maybe they can get the benefit of the institutionalised education system… the very same one I hate so much…  yet a spark of enthusism for that one extra vote they get in their lives, might be enough to maybe get some of those smart people who otherwise would’ve stayed home and not bothered voting to actually vote, or run for office or whatever.

There’s a slight chance of increasing the intelligence level of the candidates by increasing the pool of people interested in the political system.

How many voting cycles will they be 16 or 17?

One.  Maybe two.  That’s out of 30-60 voting cycles in a lifetime.

Anyway, doesn’t matter. This is Washington D.C. the city, not the nation, so it doesn’t affect me.

I just thought it’s an interesting novel idea that’s been starting in different places around the world and even in the USA – something I never even knew was a thing ’til the other day.

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