One kid yells “Trump’s coming!” and everybody runs away.

I dunno. I never understood any of the traditions that involve doing things to effigies. England’s got one, Mexico does it, jilted girlfriends do it to the pictures of their boyfriends… then there’s the voodoo thing… never really understood it.

From a psychological basis, I can see its usefulness. It might act as a cathartic, a release of frustrations that happen when powerful people have more control over your own life than you do.

In schools currently, there’s a trend that’s been going on around the country — -actually around the world. It’s called “Trump’s Coming!”

Here’s how it goes:

One kid yells “Trump’s coming!” and everybody runs away.

[so they don’t get rounded up and deported] It’s been a ‘thing’ for a while now.



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