One has to realize: things change.

One has to realize: things change.

I had a job at a systems analyst at a pharmaceutical company 23 years ago

I had a temp job and I just had to copy and paste. I was bored so I learned Visual Basic on there and next thing you know I’ve created a whole system that did amazing things.

Despite only having a high school diploma and only a little college, they had to hire me to maintain this mess that I made

I looked up the maximum amount I could get for that position in my ZIP code and I got what I asked for

They went through the whole game of having a stack of 200 resumes but it was Me the job was for

They don’t do Lone Wolf programmers anymore

My story is the tale of a different generation

Even at the time, I started to see of group programming.

They would gather together four to eight team members all working on the same program

This was and is such a foreign thing to me because I’m old school.

Or rather, My Generation had to respond to different questions.

The millennial generation has another set of questions they have to face.

And Gen Z has questions to deal with that Millennials wouldn’t understand

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