One can’t eliminate conflict without understanding conflict.

Yes. To achieve equality, one must understand inequalities. To stand upright, one must know how to fall without getting hurt. One can’t eliminate conflict without understanding conflict.

I don’t understand why it’s 2015 and in the USA, women are allowed to be paid a separate payscale from men. The excuses are ridiculous; if more time off is needed for care of family, then why do women get double-hit – punished with lower pay because of needs of family or time off for periods or pregnancies, while ALSO having to deal with those issues which are hard enough as it is.

What they did with my mother; they changed the job title when she got the highest score on a govt test. She was superior to all the others for the job. But they changed “Manager” to “Supervisor” with an extreme reduction in pay.

Perfectly legal. Also wrong in a moral sense. She accepted it, as she remembers the times when there were separate job listings for men and women in the paper. [I remember it too – I was very young though, but I remember]

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