Once you’ve left College or University, it’s VERY DIFFICULT to go back.

There’s a deeper issue even than this that few are talking about:
Once you’ve left College or University, it’s VERY DIFFICULT to go back.
Where’s the “Come back! You’re not done yet! Finish your degree where you started!” programs?
There’s almost none of them … anywhere.
So, you couldn’t finish college. You still have to pay back the loan. Debt with no tangible benefit except to say, “Some College” on _some_ job application forms.
In theory, if you got a degree and then got a job, you could use the money you get from the job the degree allowed you to get in order to pay back the loan.
But in reality? How often does that REALLY happen?
They don’t care about the people who leave. New students are welcome. But once you leave, you’re on your own and you can’t go back.
You -can- of course, but you go back in as a different person. The system abandons you at that point. Of course one can say “That’s life!”
But that’s what we’ve been doing. How has that been working out for the economy?
Re-entrance should be made easier. The doors should not be locked behind you because a temporary situation moved you away from the system.
Re-entrance would not cost more for the Universities to implement: They could go into the SAME programs you can get when you’re 18 right out of high school and everything else would be the same.http://time.com/money/4449990/next-president-should-forgive-all-student-loans/


For what they cost people, the credits should be better than Gold.

But they’re held up in the schools. You can’t get your transcripts released until you paid for them. But credits expire. Let’s say you take 10 years to pay off your student debt.

NOW your partial credits are released! HORRAY! Do you get them automatically sent to you?

No, you have to get them.

But then you go to use them. Are they any good now?

Many of them expire as if they’re spoiled milk.




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