Once you get beyond a certain income, it’s just gravy

Once you get beyond a certain income, it’s just gravy

Probably. I could never put myself in a wealthy person’s shoes. What’s it like to NOT worry about food, housing, clothing, transportation? I dunno.


I passed up a lot of opportunities because I know my strengths and limits and how far I can push and what’s too far.

My best opportunities I took are when I didn’t care / didn’t want them. The lack of pressure made it my free choice which made all the difference.



1993, had an opportunity to go to India to help convert a big shoe company into a computer company. 5 year contract. Big bucks.
Didn’t take it as I knew I’d fall in love with India and never come home.
I didn’t know Win95 was coming and when it did I was REALLY glad I didn’t take it.
Turned down Julliard at 11, turned down monastery in my late 20s — I could produce a long list — all good opportunities for personal growth but I’m good with where I’m at and what I’m doing at just about any point in time. I loved stock investing once — that was fun. That’s probably all I miss but I couldn’t do the stress levels again.

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