Once I got below 50g a day, I noticed I felt very weak within two or three days

Oh that’s not average. My MINIMUM is 50g. Bare minimum. I usually get between 80g-100g a day but I stopped counting many years ago.

When body building, I’d do 100g-150g but then I was shitting rocks and had to start eating two pears with my lunch.

But as a personal challenge to some of the more extreme bodybuilding advice out there, I went on a quest once to lower and see if i ‘felt’ a difference.

Once I got below 50g a day, I noticed I felt very weak within two or three days. Didn’t even feel like walking. It sucked.

Upped it and somewhere around 50g base minimum, I felt just as powerful and didn’t feel muscle deterioration. 

But usually I get around 80g-100g a day in any case. I just keep the minimum there so I know when I’m in the uh-oh-danger-zone.

Being a big guy (6′ tall, muscular), and knowing the statistics for ages/genders, I also know that 50g a day is a safe amount to recommend for ANY human of any age or size… except babies – I have NO IDEA what babies need. I figure lots of fat but I dunno – they’re TINY.

ah here we go. Looked it up. yeah, ages 7+ – 50g is safe. I knew I got it from somewhere. But anything more strenuous than typing at a computer, and more is better tongue emoticon

Yeah if I was more active, I’d up it to 100g minimum, with max of 150g or so for me. I don’t wanna wreck my kidneys with all the sharp excess unprocessed protein molecules ripping through. Gotta keep the filters going tongue emoticon Not nutritional advice for anyone else – just me. If I have foamy piss, I know I’m overdoing it.

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