On the verdict reading of Daniel Holtzclaw.

It was a proper sentence for the combination of crime and extreme abuse of authority.

The tactic of having an all-white jury was damn shameful too but it failed.

Do I wish rape on him in prison? No. The sentencing is what he deserves. It was a proper sentencing.


He cried only for himself. Embarrassed in front of his family, including his own mother, who were there to support him. Embarrassed that he lost, not only his freedom, but his identity, his hopes, his dreams, his plans, life as he knew it. He failed at life.

I just hope his tears brings some consolation to the victims and their families who have to deal with their victimization for years to come. I hope they feel at least some empowerment from this and instead of looking back at the moment they were tortured by someone in power, they can instead remember the day he cried and they slow down the video and count every one of his tears as a victory against a situation that can never be removed from their histories but perhaps, one day, they’ll be able to put behind them.


This is my first time hearing about it. I saw the video and read two articles about it while watching it. Justice is a strange thing: Its never complete or fair but it’s a good thing for me to see an often too flawed system work and work properly.


Oh! I just noticed it was on his birthday. He got the present he deserved. Brilliant that it was on that day. A lifetime worth of birthdays wrecked. Future birthdays will always have this memory and no past birthday memory could ever compete with this one. Good. I’m not usually the “justice” guy but here? Justice.


Agreed. I mean it’s clear he was used as an example.

Just imagine it: “Don’t be a Holtzclaw!”

Police departments will be saying for YEARS and years to come.

This public shaming will likely prevent MANY future rapes as undoubtedly police departments will use him as an example of What Not To Do for future trainees and for current sensitivity training.

It won’t fix every case of police misconduct but I’d bet money that he will be a Case Study and part of training materials in police departments across the USA.

If they do this, and I believe they will, I believe many potential future police rapes will never happen because of it, at the very least, not in Oklahoma, for even if somebody lacks a conscience, they don’t like being punished.

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