on? (that’d make good sens…

cool stuff, sheila. when we do “get it”, i dont think it’ll be overly difficult. it’ll be some insight that we overlooked 80 years ago that some guy already thought up but was laughed at or dismissed that we’ll rediscover and go, “oooohh… we already knew that, whoops”. It MIGHT be the Higgs ‘particle’ (“gravaton”) although I personally hope for the idea that gravity is at a higher dimension, w…hich would explain its weakness compared to the other 3 forces. Question: Is MASS a byproduct of GRAVITY or is GRAVITY a byproduct of MASS? Get the answer to that and i think we’ll have ‘it’ and the other answers will flow freely from it. (like, “What really IS mass? drag against the spacetime continuum? What about acceleration and gravity? Could the speed of the ‘particles’ be generating the gravity due to their acceleration? (that’d make good sens… “

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