On Roblox, I am now ClubNob

On Roblox, I am now ClubNobody. #ClubNobody ok, I got so many requests for ”are you on #roblox what’s your username?” – I decided to give in and make another acct.

I doubted, then I just figured, heck, #socialexperiment and it’s always nice to make connections with friends, wherever it is. I was shocked at the high response my Titanic Roblox video got on Vine – even MORE than the Lego and Minecraft #titanic vines (I didn’t put the others on G+ yet) – that I figured it was time. And yeah, I figured out who I am after these many months of study. I’m #nobody and I’m also #somebody – and we are constantly stuck inbetween those two worlds… and I even put my #moneywheremymouthis – I’ll show you soon. @102936327893428076685 #minecraft #legos #buildingblocks

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