On a lark yesterday, I made an extremely low resolution (video and audio) of “The Wizard of Speed and Time”. I wanted to test the lower bounds of what Youtube will accept in video and audio (I found it) and also to see just how robust their song-finding system is. Well it’s pretty powerful! I reduced the audio to the choppiest, lowest resolution possible that they’d accept (without editing it in other ways), and yup – they found it! Here I thought such a extreme low resolution would slide under the radar but nope: they now can show ads on it and get paid… as if anybody will ever see this video :P I’m impressed, actually, and now I know where the song came from without having to lift a finger more.

I’m always teasing #YouTube #copyright thing. I made a REALLY #lowres of a #movie -#wizard of… via http://ift.tt/25h7X85

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