Ok world, here you go: Be bored by me!

lol there’s always the possibility for abuse. I’m actually a huge fan of anonymity online but since that’s pretty well impossible, I went 180 degrees in the opposite direction and I’m like, “OK WORLD HERE YOU GO – BE BORED BY ME!”

“Who is really who?” is a pretty well impossible thing to ever know for sure, unless someone’s in the same room with you.  My Steam acct I’ve let a number of people use.  HEY STEAM YOU HEAR THAT? Oh you’re not listening    In the past, I’ve joined in on group Youtube accts here and there… the whole setup is ridiculous and always has been.  At least Google let up on the “WE REQUIRE REAL NAMES” silliness.  Nice in theory but really, the names people choose protects them from identity theft and stuff already.  And anyway – most identity theft happens by people they already know, like the cousin who needs money for whatever… or the wife who wants money from hubbie, or the son who really needs the latest Razer keyboard and has the moral sense of a car salesman. Or worse, bullies from school.  That gets me madder than money stuff; bullying (especially mean-girl style) gets in ppls heads… ugh.

And what’s the basis of “Who you truly are?”  Your email?  Your phone?
One password recovery or two away from “Hey look I’m you now”.   There’s no perfect answer.  Oh well, that was a bit of a rant :P

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