“Ok, what comes after Science and after the worship of Mathematics is waning?”

Considering pets/children show gratitude/love (there’s at least a dozen more or less synonymous words one can use – I’m not married to any particular word choice here) and humans are mammals like most pets and human children…

..PLUS “real life” _does_ prove to us (by its uncertainty and suddenness) that our “object permanence” lies to us. (things die/what was there before suddenly isn’t, or windfalls happen where something that wasn’t there, suddenly is/ or “What you see isn’t ALWAYS what you get”)….

… and our “anticipation machines” are always running inside of us….

We get a cognitive dissonance. Things aren’t always predictable. Good and bad things happen. We hate not knowing why.

So, humans also like narratives. Cause/Effect. We prefer simple but we don’t want to be bored either.

So, we come up with plausible stories.

The stories change as societies change.

Current popular narrative for “why things are the way they are” is the stories that Science tells in its way.

At one time, Religions fulfilled the purpose. For many they still do.

In the future? Who knows what will be the popular narrative.

What’s nice about the Sciences is they’re a little more precise in their predictive powers.

Yet, they sometimes miss on the gratitude factor.

So, we replace God with “Awe and Wonder of the Universe” or “The Mysteries of Nature” – somewhat of a Goddess worship going by names such as Randomness and an archaic language called mathematics which is pragmatic for many purposes as it’s agnostic to the patterns it attempts to represent.

Sounds weird? Probably. But my head is always stuck 500-1000 years in the future asking questions like, “Ok, what comes after Science and after the worship of Mathematics is waning?”

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