Ok. This video may annoy many but he’s correct. Secularism is not atheism. I believe in secularism for pluralistic societies but I am not, nor have I ever been, atheist. It’s becoming a lost distinction and it’s rather a shame because political secularism is freedom *for* religion. But in today’s world, it gets all muddled up. Mixed together. Confused. The two words get used as synonyms, both among those who are in the New Atheist movement (which is distinct from atheism itself, which has a simple dictionary definition without all the recent baggage and politicking) and among many religious people as well. But they are both using it wrong. Secularism is not about abolishing religion. The ultimate aim of secularism is not atheism. Political secularism has a simple aim: Govern the people. Mixing up the terms of atheism and secularism is, imo, a bad thing. It’s invasive and intrusive into people’s lives.

Repeat after me: Secularism is not Atheism | THE SECULAR CENTER via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSIEQkJgLbQ

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