ok. Think it through. Think about the conditions that make this kind of exercise a good idea.

ok. Think it through. Think about the conditions that make this kind of exercise a good idea.
Children receive messaging of value from all around them. TV, Youtube, teachers, parents, and especially peers as well as their own self-talk.
Self-talk begins as soon as a child can formulate a realization that they are not the same as those around them, which starts around 18 months of age and the realization grows over time, often in common stages.
What conditions might make this kind of exercise a good idea despite that IDEALLY it should not be a necessity?-
There are conditions where 4th graders – 8 year olds – are committing no longer aliving actions because they have internalized negative value assessments from peers and media.
Lacking a positive weapon to push back against the barrage of negative value messaging, they believe that they lack value and that the world’s value would improve objectively if they ceased being.
This kind of exercise is a weapon against that and it is effective.
Do you believe that the negative onslaught should win over their existences because of some odd “natural-value” theory/ideology you may hold?
It’s a long response and most probably won’t read it. I don’t have a problem with religion or religious practice or spirituality but I do with activities whose sole purpose is to create cycles of dependency.
brought up the notion of cycles of dependency on a video I posted earlier showing children naming something good about themselves, although he misapplied the notion. [the video can understandably be awkward looking because of the industrial setting but it’s because of the industrial setting that it’s necessary – a tool of fortitude against the very system its within]
This, on the contrary, is a better use of the notion of cycle of dependency as it isolates and forms group dependency rather than fortitude.
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