Ok, the entire list of Enneagrams to MBTI to school of philosophy.

Ok, the entire list of Enneagrams to MBTI to school of philosophy.

1w2 ENFJ Catholicism
1w2 ENFJ Socialism
1w2 ENFJ Universalism
1w2 ENFJ Globalism
1w2 ENFJ Techno-Populism
1w2 ENFJ Pancasila
1w2 ENFP Critical Theory
1w2 ENFP Technogaianism
1w2 ESFJ Mormon Theology
1w2 ESTJ Moral Absolutism
1w2 ESTP Masculinism
1w2 INFJ Communism
1w2 INFJ Orthodox Christian Theology
1w2 INFJ Islamic Theology
1w2 INFJ Theism
1w2 INFJ Vitalism
1w2 INFJ Utopianism
1w2 INFJ Marcionism
1w2 INFJ Social Democracy
1w2 INTJ Calvinism
1w2 INTJ Deism
1w2 INTJ National Bolshevism
1w2 INTJ Materialist feminism
1w2 INTP Social liberalism
1w2 INTP Moral Realism
1w2 ISFJ Judaism
1w2 ISTJ White Nationalism
1w2 ISTJ Conservatism
1w2 ISTJ Body Neutrality
1w2 ISTJ Puritanism
1w2 ISTJ Occamism
1w2 ISTJ Anglicanism
1w9 ENTJ Utilitarianism
1w9 ENTJ Objectivism
1w9 ENTJ Kemalism
1w9 ENTJ Aristotelianism
1w9 ENTJ Ordoliberalism
1w9 ESTJ Hindutva
1w9 ESTJ Oligarchy
1w9 INFJ Islamic philosophy
1w9 INFJ Platonism
1w9 INFJ Monism
1w9 INFJ Asceticism
1w9 INFJ Platonic idealism
1w9 INFJ Pantheism
1w9 INTJ Protestant Theology
1w9 INTJ Paleolibertarianism
1w9 INTJ Keynesian economics
1w9 INTJ Pietism
1w9 INTJ Epistemocracy
1w9 INTP Kantianism
1w9 ISFJ Confucianism
1w9 ISTJ Stoicism
1w9 ISTJ Liberalism
1w9 ISTJ Opus Dei
1w9 ISTJ Philosophical Realism
1w9 ISTJ Pelagianism
2w1 ENFJ Body positivity / Fat acceptance
2w1 ENFJ Sikhism
2w1 ENFJ Humanist Philosophy
2w1 ENFJ Altruism
2w1 ENFJ Egalitarianism
2w1 ENFJ Neo-Humanism
2w1 ENFP Cultural Relativism
2w1 ENFP Anti-capitalism
2w1 ESFJ Natalism
2w1 INFJ Deep Ecology
2w1 INFJ Spiritism
2w1 ISTP Iron Price (Game of Thrones)
2w1 XXXX Mohism
2w3 ENFJ Populism
2w3 ENFJ Pluralist school
2w3 ENFJ Archeio-Marxism
2w3 ENFJ Statism
2w3 ESFJ Fraternity
2w3 ESFJ Republicanism
2w3 INFJ Esoteric Christianity
2w3 INFP New Thought
2w3 XXXX Innatism
3w2 ENFJ Liberal Feminism
3w2 ENFJ Anthropocentrism
3w2 ESFJ Virtue Signaling
3w2 ESFP Santería
3w2 INFJ Biocentrism
3w2 INFJ Law Of Attraction
3w4 ENTJ Capitalism
3w4 ENTJ Machiavellianism
3w4 ENTJ Meritocracy
3w4 ENTJ Eugenics
3w4 ENTJ Neoliberalism
3w4 ENTJ Pragmatism
3w4 ENTJ Psychological Egoism
3w4 ENTJ Scientology
3w4 ESTJ Patriarchy
3w4 ESTJ Legalism (Chinese philosophy)
3w4 INTJ Egoism
4w3 ENFP Metamodernism
4w3 ENFP Anarcha-Feminism
4w3 INFJ Cultural Feminism
4w3 INFP Moral Anti-realism
4w3 ISFP Transidentity
4w3 ISFP Seicho-no-Ie
4w3 ISFP Animalism
4w5 ENFP Absurdism
4w5 ENFP Si-Phobia
4w5 ENFP Queer Theory
4w5 ENFP Progressivism
4w5 ENFP Xenofeminism
4w5 ENFP Anachronism
4w5 INFJ Esoteric Fascism
4w5 INFJ Transcendentalism
4w5 INFJ Dualism
4w5 INFJ Utopian socialism
4w5 INFJ Panentheism
4w5 INFJ Rosicrucianism
4w5 INFP Existentialism
4w5 INFP Romanticism
4w5 INFP Subjectivism
4w5 INFP Irrationalism
4w5 INFP Idealism
4w5 INFP Decadentism
4w5 INFP Personalism
4w5 INFP Moral Non-objectivism
4w5 INTJ Philosophy of mind
4w5 INTP Proship
4w5 ISTP Individualism
5w4 ENFP Postmodernism
5w4 ENFP Deconstruction
5w4 ENTP Surrealism
5w4 ENTP LaVeyan Satanism
5w4 ENTP Stirnerism
5w4 ENTP Existential Nihilism
5w4 ENTP Eclecticism
5w4 ENTP Discordianism
5w4 ENTP Jamahiriya
5w4 INFJ Mysticism
5w4 INFJ Occultism
5w4 INFJ Sufism
5w4 INFJ Gnosticism
5w4 INFJ Omnism
5w4 INFJ Kabbalah
5w4 INFJ Perennialism
5w4 INFJ Hermeticism
5w4 INFJ Augustinianism
5w4 INFJ Relationalism
5w4 INFJ Neoplatonism
5w4 INFJ Psychological Nihilism
5w4 INFJ Logos
5w4 INFJ Classical Mythology
5w4 INFJ Dialectical Mysticism
5w4 INFJ Druze
5w4 INFP Historicism
5w4 INTJ Nietzscheism
5w4 INTJ Misanthropy
5w4 INTJ Luciferianism
5w4 INTJ German philosophy
5w4 INTJ German Idealism
5w4 INTJ Skull and Bones
5w4 INTJ Perspectivism
5w4 INTJ Efilism
5w4 INTJ Rational Mysticism
5w4 INTP Blackpill (incel)
5w4 INTP Nihilism
5w4 INTP Anarcho-communism
5w4 INTP Libertarianism
5w4 INTP Moral Relativism
5w4 INTP Solipsism
5w4 INTP Compatibilism
5w4 INTP Pre-Socratic philosophy
5w4 INTP Intellectualism
5w4 INTP Metaphysical Nihilism
5w4 INTP Promortalism
5w4 INTP Averroism
5w4 ISFP Sentientism
5w4 ISTP Soto Zen
5w6 ENFJ Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis
5w6 ENTP Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
5w6 ENTP Secularism
5w6 ENTP Kopimist philosophy
5w6 ESTJ Gender Critical Feminism
5w6 ESTJ Empiricism
5w6 ESTJ Hoppeanism
5w6 INFJ Libertarian Socialism
5w6 INFJ Democratic Transhumanism
5w6 INFJ Intuitionism
5w6 INFJ Scholasticism
5w6 INTJ Antinatalism
5w6 INTJ Marxism
5w6 INTJ Transhumanism
5w6 INTJ Determinism
5w6 INTJ Technocracy
5w6 INTJ Hegelianism
5w6 INTJ Dialectical Materialism
5w6 INTJ The Fourth Political Theory
5w6 INTJ Naturalism
5w6 INTJ Constructivism
5w6 INTJ Universalism (philosophy)
5w6 INTJ Moral Nihilism
5w6 INTP Rationalism
5w6 INTP Cartesianism
5w6 INTP Analytic philosophy
5w6 INTP Darwinism
5w6 INTP Logicism
5w6 INTP Thomism
5w6 INTP Pythagoreanism
5w6 INTP Epistemology
5w6 INTP Avicennism
5w6 INTP Process philosophy
5w6 INTP Mathematicism
5w6 INTP Legalism (Western philosophy)
5w6 INTP Scientocracy
5w6 ISTJ Antitheism‎
5w6 ISTJ Logical Positivism
5w6 ISTJ Blackpill Feminism
5w6 ISTJ Neo-nationalism
5w6 ISTP Reductionism
5w6 XXXX Mathematical Platonism
5w6 XXXX Shia Islam
6w5 ENTP Trotskyism
6w5 ENTP Market Socialism
6w5 ESTJ Fascism
6w5 ESTJ McCarthyism
6w5 ESTJ Malthusianism
6w5 INFJ Christian Philosophy
6w5 INFJ Marxist Feminism
6w5 INFJ Eurasianism
6w5 INFJ Pink Pill
6w5 INTJ Dataism
6w5 INTJ Fatalism
6w5 INTJ Mathematical formalism
6w5 INTP Skepticism
6w5 INTP Antireductionism
6w5 INTP Pyrrhonism
6w5 ISTJ Men’s Rights Movement
6w5 ISTJ Nationalism
6w5 ISTJ Anti Kemalist
6w5 ISTJ Monarchism
6w5 ISTJ Pessimism
6w5 ISTJ Sedevacantism
6w5 ISTJ Knights Templar
6w5 ISTP Anti-Psychiatry
6w5 ISTP Eliminativism
6w5 ISTP Atomism
6w7 ENFJ Feminist Philosophy
6w7 ENTJ Identitarian Movement
6w7 ENTP Agnosticism
6w7 ESFJ Communitarianism
6w7 ESFP Critical Race Theory
6w7 ESTJ Integralismo Brasileiro (Brazilian Integralism)
6w7 INTP Anti-Realism
7w6 ENFP Optimism
7w6 ENFP Anarcho-Christianism
7w6 ENTP Relativism
7w6 ENTP Posadism
7w6 ENTP Post-structuralism
7w6 ENTP Philosophy of language
7w6 ESFP Libertinism
7w8 ENTJ The American Dream
7w8 ENTP Anarchism
7w8 ENTP Anarcho-Capitalism
7w8 ENTP Illegalism
7w8 ENTP Sophism
7w8 ENTP Cosmic Nihilism
7w8 ESFP Hedonism
7w8 ESTP Speciesism
8w7 ENTJ Imperialism
8w7 ENTJ Voluntarism
8w7 ENTJ Nominalism
8w7 ENTJ Militarism
8w7 ENTP Satanist Philosophy
8w7 ENTP Antichrist
8w7 ESFP Black Nationalism
8w7 ESTJ Bolsonarism
8w7 ESTJ Old Norse Philosophy
8w7 ESTJ Minarchism
8w7 ESTJ Neoconservatism
8w7 INTP Structuralism
8w7 INTP Agorism
8w9 ENTJ Marxism-Leninism
8w9 ENTJ Social Darwinism
8w9 ENTJ Consequentialism
8w9 ENTJ Dark Enlightment / Neo-reaction
8w9 ENTJ Ecofascism
8w9 ESTP Critical realism
9w1 ENFP Animism
9w1 ENFP Ecumenism
9w1 ENTJ Historical materialism
9w1 ESFJ Collectivism
9w1 INFJ Buddhist Philosophy
9w1 INFJ Jainism
9w1 INFP Veganism
9w1 INFP Wicca
9w1 INFP Vegetarianism
9w1 INFP Taoism
9w1 INFP Anarcho-pacifism
9w1 INFP Quietism
9w1 INFP Mutualism
9w1 INFP Bahá’í Faith Theology
9w1 INTJ Thule Society
9w1 INTJ Memento mori
9w1 INTP Classical Liberalism
9w1 ISFJ Agrarianism
9w1 ISFJ Centrism
9w1 ISFJ Agriculturalism
9w1 ISFP Kaizen
9w1 XXXX Civic Nationalism
9w8 INFP Misotheism
9w8 INTP Apoliticism
9w8 ISTP Epicureanism
9w8 ISTP Cynicism
9w8 ISTP Anarcho-Primitivism
9w8 ISTP Right-libertarianism

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