Ok, so Breakout it must be. First video game, 79% certainty.

Local community center in my hometown opened up in 1981 when I was 9 and first got access to Atari and it was the first local arcade… but by then I remember being disappointed at some of the games they chose, although I liked Zaxxon and Breakout.

Prior to that, I’d played videogames on my Intellivison at home… and also in little arcades while going camping…

Ok: I think it MUST have been Breakout. If I liked the game in 1981 already when I was 9 and didn’t have it on my Intellivision at home, that means I must have played it either after getting intellivision but possibly _before_ then when I was 7 or so. I remember liking Pinball as much as video games.

Ok, so Breakout it must be. First video game, 79% certainty.


wait.. but I got a USED Intellivision and it was released in 1980, so probably 1981/1982. Ok. I’m still going to go with Breakout + pinball as firsts but I may have to revise my ‘gaming history’ a little.

Good memory and logical reasoning test for me here. Thank you!



Cassette Recorder age 7, 1979. Community Center opened 1981, age 9, already knew Breakout and Pinball. Tandy Color Computer 2, age 11, 1983.
Intellivision inbetween on xmas 1980 (age 8), xmas 1981 (age 9) or xmas 1982 (age 10)
Except: Intellivision released 1980, I got used unit so not 1980 but at least 1981. Already

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