Ok, looking for parallels among the 13 frameworks. There are some parallels. Interestingly, the whole 13 ends up as a full circle journey,

First the simplified titles (via Claude+, derived from GPT4 toddler level descriptions) and the originals (GPT4):

1. SELF-THINKING: Exploring one’s inner world, thoughts, and identity. Asking life’s big questions.

2. SELF-MAGIC: Discovering the world of technology and imagination. Learning how machines and toys work.

3. SELF-FRIENDS: Forming connections with others, learning social and emotional skills. Understanding relationships.

4. SELF-CREATION: Expressing oneself through artistic creation. Showing one’s unique qualities, feelings and ideas.

5. SELF-NATURE: Exploring the natural world, animals, plants. Learning about colors, sounds, cycles of nature.

6. SELF-HEALTH: Developing healthy habits related to food, exercise, sleep. Caring for one’s physical and mental well-being.

7. SELF-SPACE: Exploring astronomy and the cosmos. Discovering celestial bodies like the sun, moon, stars and planets.

8. SELF-INVENTOR: Creating, building, and making things with one’s hands. Putting together puzzles, blocks, gadgets. Learning skills of design and problem-solving.

9. SELF-EARTH-FRIEND: Developing care, respect and stewardship for the environment. Activities like planting trees, recycling, sustainability.

10. SELF-PLAY: Having fun, learning and connecting with others through play and games. Developing social-emotional skills.

11. SELF-ARTIST: Expressing oneself through visual arts, music, dance. Exploring colors, sounds, movement. Tapping into creativity.

12. SELF-LEARNER: Developing a love of learning by reading, acquiring new knowledge and skills. Sharing that knowledge with others.

13. SELF-SOUL: Exploring one’s beliefs, values and purpose. Cultivating kindness, empathy, love and connection with all people. Thinking about life’s big questions.

Originals: [GPT4]
1. **Self-Reflecting and Self-as-Subject**
2. **Self-Mirroring**
3. **Self-in-Community and Self-in-Relation**
4. **Self-Expression and Self-as-Linguist**
5. **Self-as-Life**
6. **Self-as-Healer**
7. **Self-in-Universe and Self-as-Knower**
8. **Self-as-Experiential-Inventor and System Weaver**
9. **Self-as-Earth-Steward**
10. **Self-as-Social-Being**
11. **Self-as-Explorer-of-Experience**
12. **Self-as-Learner-and-Teacher**
13. **Self-as-Spiritual-Being**


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