Ok. Inequality. What’s that? A see-saw.

Ok. Inequality. What’s that? A see-saw.
Where is a see-saw? A playground.

A playground full of see-saws is a
playground full of equations.

Or a textbook full of equations.

But in the end, there are three values to an equation and three values to a see-saw:

Left, pivot (or relationship verb), right.

You could construct see-saws in different ways. Maybe they’re held up by a rope in the middle. Maybe when one sits down, the other side shoots up (like exponent).

But the tuple remains in all case.

this verb that.


In RPN it behaves differently. (stack – list of nouns and then verb). But our standard notation, it’s see-saw.


[wait – nvm rpn is still tuples ultimately, but it loads up like potential energy 1 2 3 4 + — the 1 2 3 4 do nothing but sit there until the + acts upon them. Then it’s +4 +3 +2 +1 pops out 10, like having a see-saw with a cinderblock underneath and a pull string. Everybody piles on the one side, when + hits, the string is pulled, their weights combined, and the force pivots across the other side.

lol sorry – I’ve been deep in a tutorial to J, following along, so it’s got me in super-abstract mode atm.




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