Ok, found out I was still programming in Turbo Pascal in 1998? Wow.

Ok, found out I was still programming in Turbo Pascal in 1998? Wow.
splitupc exe version 2.0 Jan 26, 1998
For MS-DOS or Windows95 machines – perhaps even WindowsNT, running UUPC/Extended and Waffle. Waffle not required, but that’s what it’s made for.
Written with Turbo Pascal 6.
Created for the purpose of splitting UUPC/Extended style mailboxes, which contain a series of 20 control-A’s followed by a linefeed, into a format Waffle newsreaders like.
It will sequentially number the files, and will not overwrite an existing file.
A uupcmailbox containing e-mail from a mailing list will be in a file… oh, let’s say it’s called WAFFLE.SPB. If the file contains 17 messages…
will result in files like:
Each file will contain one message from the mailbox, in plaintext format.
You will be then able to MOVE then to the appropriate news directory that you have created, such as: c:/news/waffle
and the Waffle newsreader (or RNR or other appropriate newsreader which enjoys Waffling) will read these mails as if they are part of a newsgroup.
Note: This is also good if you just want to explode your UUPC mailbox and manage each e-mail separately without having to go in and save each one separately.
I created this from the original code from SPLITMAI (which does the same thing but splitting Waffle mailboxes) because I now receive my UUCP feed over a TCP/IP connection (contact dlr@bungi com if you want a free UUCP feed – one of the few left in the world it seems, and it is marvelously generous of Dave to do this), and as hard as I searched, I could not find a drop-in replacement for Waffle’s UUCICO which handles UUCP over TCP/IP.
In fact, I could only find two programs that would. One, called DMAILWIN, is from 1994 and written for Windows 3.1, which I didn’t want to chance w/Windows95. The only other one I found was UUPC Extended 12u, the WindowsNT version. It so happens that this 32-bit version not only loves Windows95 just fine, but it *also* does UUCICO over a TCP/IP, and does a marvelous job of it.
I’m currently setting up a BBS again (New Jersey Rational Mystics BBS, ———) after a long hiatus, and I’m a little tired of a local-long distance charge for Juno, plus the limitations of it, albeit it is otherwise a wonderful service. I also am on AOL for family reasons (and financial as well) otherwise I could have gone an easier route…. anyhow, I want to provide my callers with:
1) an e-mail address and
2) usenet news
and as many BBS softwares I looked at, nothing compares to the blissful simplicity of Waffle. It may annoy some folks in this area that I will not be able to provide them with BlueWave packets (and I am uncertain whether or not WAFD100 – the QWK door for Waffle 1.64 – works under 1.65 or not), but I *will* be happily using SOLAR .953 and compelling anyone who wants any heavy mailing list use or newsgroup use to download wonderful programs like YARN 0.91, etc for this purpose, as SOUP packets are wonderful.
I also miss them myself, not having been on a real ISP since ’94 or so, and I’m tired of playing around with proportional fonts, mono-spaced fonts, fonts here, fonts there, meeses and mices, and want to just get back to reading my e-mail in a text interface (Yarn in my case), and this insane AOL <–> bungi.com <–> UUPC/Extended <–> SPLITUPC <–> Waffle <–> solar <–> Yarn combination is the best way for me to *simplify* my e-mail and newsgroups. Once it’s fully set up that is :-)
Anybody silly enough to try this route, I’ll be happy to give a hand if I can, although I’m quite lazy when it comes down to it.
Kenneth Udut
January 26th, 1998

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