Ok, can’t see too many 7ws. A

Ok, can’t see too many 7ws. A few though but just.

7w6 ENFP Optimism
7w6 ENFP Anarcho-Christianism
7w6 ENTP Relativism
7w6 ENTP Posadism
7w6 ENTP Post-structuralism
7w6 ENTP Philosophy of language
7w6 ESFP Libertinism
7w8 ENTJ The American Dream
7w8 ENTP Anarchism
7w8 ENTP Anarcho-Capitalism
7w8 ENTP Illegalism
7w8 ENTP Sophism
7w8 ENTP Cosmic Nihilism
7w8 ESFP Hedonism
7w8 ESTP Speciesism

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