Oh yes. Great observations.

Oh yes. Great observations.

I actually don’t mind our reliance on the transistor and its children. I don’t have a problem with Elon Musk or other wanting to create wired mesh that sits on our brain that allows us to think our way around the internet or whatever.
I’m amazed and I adore the things that humans are capable of — so long as there is a panel of “ethicicians” as it were at every step of the way to always ask “Is this the right way to go about it?”
That panel can be citizens or experts but combinations — independent in any case but with mostly advisory and media power. Journalism does some of this task, all of us here do the bulk of it though.
But such panels shouldn’t be censorship panels — oh gosh then we end up with 20 years behind on stem cell research.
The bulk of the power I think should be with the people looking to forge technologies ahead – but not with unlimited powers that’s all
Human rights need to be central at every step of the way – and we regularly fail at that. (Lithium mines)

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