oh yeah, it’s just that some people believe the stuff.

oh yeah, it’s just that some people believe the stuff.
I know a lady in town who believes everything on tik tok. LIke everything. If they say there’s parasites in commercial food, she believes it. If they say that mcdonalds is replacing all their meat with bugs, she believes it, forbids her husband and kids from going to mcdonalds anymore. If they say there’s lizard people running the government, she believes that too, and that 666 is embedded in all the corporate logos.
and she goes to a church that encourages that kind of thinking.
Those people I feel bad for because they’re being taken for a ride as their husband and kids just roll their eyes and go “yes, dear / yes, mom” to whatever the day’s silly new danger-to-us-all supposedly is (that isn’t).

I feel genuinely bad for them. I mean, ok, if you don’t wanna trust the govt, that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean trusting the first corny idea that you see on a video with dramatic music that uses all the buzzwords you recognize and distrusting EVERYTHING the government does.

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